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"What Forever's All About"


Introducing Lazer & Levi aka ‘Those Boys From Colorado’. The pair were born and raised near the Rocky Mountains of Colorado Springs, CO. From playing in bars and clubs at the ages of 10 and 14 until now, they have written hundreds of songs. The boys have played countless shows, and been on several tours including a performance at the ‘Howl at the Moon’ Festival, on August 21st for the Solar Eclipse. They’ve played with nationally renowned acts and lent their craft in the studio for others bands. Through their music, they want to bring to light their experiences in life, love, friendship and turning dreams into reality. Their new EP The Prologue most definitely stays true to their southern roots featuring the songs One More Time, Just A Game, Confessions and 2 additional tracks. Of course, I could tell you that the EP had great vocals, good lyrics and a catchy chorus’ but I know you all need more than that to be truly convinced that this is indeed an amazing body of work.

So without further ado, here is a track by track breakdown:

One More Time

First things first this song has a great intro. I instantly imagined the two boys playing this song in concert in the summer. The track definitely has a great energy and a commercial feel. Did somebody say single? If not they should. I have no doubt that this song would do well in charts, if not on any mainstream TV series soundtrack. When it happens, just remember you heard it here first.

Just a Game

Now this track was certainly unexpected. I knew these guys could sing but this time they brought those smooth as butter vocals. I won’t even lie I was a little taken aback (in a good way). I think it would be fair to say that boys dabbled with some blues with a hint of jazz all while maintaining their southern flair; very impressive. There is more of a focus on the instrumentation on this track which I like, in particular, the guitar riffs. The only annoying about this song is that the ending came without warning. A fade-out effect or longer instrumental break would have worked a lot better here. With that being said it is definitely a song I would listen to again


This track is a little edgier than the others on the EP, but a little bit of sass and attitude never hurt anyone and on this song its bound to get you moving. While the song is mid-tempo you can’t help but bob your head or tap your feet to that bumping bass line. And I must give props to whoever the drummer was because he was serving us some amazing riffs.

Say You Want More

This EP was full of surprises and say you want more was no exception. I appreciated the harmonies during the chorus but the song got a little repetitive after a while. It’s indisputable that it’s a great sounding song but I don’t think that it fits with the rest of the songs on the EP. With that being said I thoroughly enjoyed the instrumental break and as always the vocals were great.

Go On

I knew I would like this song as soon as I heard it. It immediately reminded me of Garrett Hedlund in Country Strong. Those rich, pure and honest vocals that make you stop what you are doing and pay attention. The track sees an initial slowing of tempo in comparison to the rest of the EP, which makes for a welcomed change. On this track each of the pair has an equal chance to shine, showing us that while they both have distinct voices they blend together very well. The song details conflicting the idea of being content with someone going on and living their life even if it’s without you, but also wanting them to stay. The tracks melody line perfectly reflect this conflict with the key change signalling the singer’s change in attitude and the return to the original melody highlighting the singers’ toying with their original thoughts. The track feels very genuine and is completely relatable – definitely one I’ll have on repeat.

Overall the EP was brilliant and showcased the pairs great vocal ability and a versatility.

Wishing the boys the best in the future and I look forward to seeing what they do next.

~Ray Sang https://industryme.co.uk



I definitely felt a touch of nostalgia on hearing the opening bars of ‘One More Time’ – the first track on rock duo Lazer and Levi’s EP ‘The Prologue’. Iconic ‘80s rock band Dire Straits came to mind as accomplished lead guitar, then a confident drumbeat (David Laine) promised a rocking first song … which indeed it was. A more mellow opening to second track ‘Just a Game’ reflected a shift in mood; a slower beat (and still I’m reminded of said ‘80s rock band) and a platform for Levi Blehm to show off his impressive vocal range – his honeyed tones hit the high notes with as much consistency as any other notes.

Versatile and Enduring

Track number three, ‘Confessions’, begins with a solid bluesy feel, embracing rock about a minute in. The ability to adapt to a number of genres is the hallmark of a versatile and therefore enduring band, as is an ability to finish a song with a flourish, as demonstrated beautifully here.

Penultimate track ‘Go On’ has an overall feeling of flawlessness and takes us into a country genre with its folky strings and later on, some rousing drums, leaving us with some feelgood motivational lyrics to soften the blow of the (almost) finish.

The aptly-named  ‘Say You Want More’ hits the spot with a lilty, old-timey vibe and some gentle lyrics, fitting for a gentle voice.

Best New Artist

‘Those Boys from Colorado’ have written over a hundred songs and were nominated for the ‘Best New Artist’ in the Rocky Mountain CMA’s (iHeart) and listening to this EP, this is a deserved accolade. I look forward to hearing more from these immensely talented brothers, who have been making their way in the music scene from childhood. And I needed an alternative to iconic ‘80s rock bands …

~Lisa O'Connor https://lisacom2016.blog